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pero será posible...

pero será posible... tamaña creatividad...

(perdón por el ingles, pero es que es facil, se entiende)
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the whole thing will be released in "a nice little box," the first pressing of which will include EP sleeve stickers that reproduce the original artwork of the Stereolab EPs. The songs to be included:

01 Fluorescences
02 Allures
03 Fruition
04 Wow and Flutter
05 With Friends Like These
06 Pinball
07 Spinal Column
08 Ping Pong [original version]
09 Golden Ball
10 Cybele's Reverie
11 Moogie Wonderland
12 Canned Candies
13 Marco Martenot
14 Free Design
15 Les Yper - Yper Sound
16 Pain et Spectacles
17 Nihilist Assault Group [parts 3,4,5]
18 Off-On
19 Jenny Ondioline
20 Young Lungs
21 Escape Pod [From The World of Medical Observations]
22 Moodles
23 You Used To Call Me Sadness
24 Captain Easychord
25 Les Aimies
26 French Disco
27 Transona 5 [live]
28 Ping Pong [single version]
29 Long Life Love
30 Heavy Denim
31 Brigitte
32 Miss Modular
33 Soop Groove #1

Some of you, by operating your pocket calculators, may have noticed that this generous menu still only adds up to less than 160:00, making it no more than two discs' worth of material. Sharp eye, lads. The third disc in the unnamed set will be a DVD compiling some of Stereolab's videos, and will look like this:

01 Jenny Ondioline
02 Ping Pong
03 Wow and Flutter
04 Cybele's Reverie
05 Fluorescences
06 Miss Modular
07 Free Design
08 French Disko [The Word]
09 Cybele's Reverie [Later with Jools Holland]
10 Les Yper Sound [Later With Jools Holland]

As far as new material is concerned, another post by Stereolab's manager indicates that they're getting started on a "couple of EPs" that should be ready some time next year, at which point the band will start work on the next full-length. Meanwhile, Laetitia Sadier has reportedly finished work on the second album for her side-project, Monade, which should be out in early March.
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