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Haircut in a coma?

Haircut in a coma? The Latest Fashionable Haircut for Men influenced in part by Smith's Debut Album Cover

Sunday's New York Times reports that:

Ever feel like doing the hustler? Try this look, influenced in part by a photo of the Warhol himbo Joe Dallesandro and made famous by the Smiths' debut-album cover. With its eye-brushing bang and shaved back, this perennial haircut is enjoying another return. The hairstylist Losi (for John Frieda Salon) says, ''In the 80's, we called this 'the Model Cut,' because all the male models had it.'' Model or not, you can get the look with the right products. Start with Kiehl's Protein Shampoo ($14). For straight hair, use ''just a schmear'' of John Frieda wax ($7) while damp to control fly-aways. Those with wavy locks should mix Kiehl's Extra-Strength Styling Gel and Creme with Silk Groom ($16 and $17) to damp hair and briefly blow-dry while brushing forward. But Brillo-haired boys beware. As Losi cautions, ''With curly hair, this cut can have a mushroom effect.''
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loftof74 -

pero si a ti no te gustaban los smiths...tio, para que te hagan ese corte, tienes que aprobar un cuestionario sobre morrissey y mar,....80 de 90 debes sacar bien

Karl Bartos -

Es un poco gay, pero me mola a saco...lastima que no pegue con mis camisas de cuadros.
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