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Música contra la insensatez bárbara

Música contra la insensatez bárbara HIT MUSIC ONLY

This 21 track compilation CD is the first release on Heavenly Pop Hits. It features bands and artists from all over the world, with one great thing in common: they are all fabulous!

More information on all the participating bands are here.


1. blueprint the fantasy lights
2. tell me dennis driscoll
3. miss me fragile
4. pointless art lucy electric
5. sex is boring ballboy
6. the sharks the school uniforms
7. jessica pancakes the parcels
8. rubinoos t-shirt hormones in abundance
9. weekend travel winter vacation
10. please mister postman dorotea
11. give to you remington super 60
12. every week the happy birthdays
13. that shining smile ant
14. only one life the future
15. he will break your heart again nixon
16. waiting gift sodastream
17. just one more thing dear nora
18. black letter boxing eisenhower
19. pretentious girl free loan investments
20. t.r.o.u.b.l.e. avocado baby
21. september handsome train
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